Dyes for Stationery & Inkjet Inks



Neelikon provides dyes for ink.

In stationery ink Neelikon has water soluble colours (mainly food colours) used in children sketch pen. These colours meet EN 71/3 requirements.

Neelikon is also one of the few producers of Solvent Green 7 / D&C Green 8 (Pyranine) C.I. No. 59040 used in highlighter inks/marker inks.

In Inkjet ink production, Neelikon offers salt free Colours like Acid Yellow 23 (Tartrazine), Acid Blue 9 (Brilliant Blue FCF), Acid Red 18, Food Black 2. Neelikon can also provide other water soluble Colours in salt free form on special request.

On special request Neelikon developed Acid Yellow 23 (Tartrazine) with less than 1000 ppm (0.1%) salt for inkjet ink application.

We encourage you to send your request for specialized salt free colours, though you may not find them listed in our website. Neelikon is interested to develop specialized high purity and low salt content colours.

Neelikon's Product list for Ink Industry    Note: To open the pdf use password or else enquire with us.

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