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Neelikon is responsible for introducing indigenous technology for the production of synthetic food dyes in India in 1973-1974. For this, our founder Mr. Mukund Turakhia was presented a National Award from the President of India. Neelikon offers the widest range of food colours meeting international legislation. Our range includes water soluble dyes in powder and granular forms and finely grounded lake colours and custom made blends.

We also have a range of One World One Quality Colours which is High Purity Colours with low impurities that will meet all necessary legislations of JECFA, USA, Europe, Japan, China and India as applicable. To know more about this range please click here

Neelicol Water Soluble Colours

Food Colours Range

Common Name Shade Colour Index No. E.C.No.
19140 E102
Quinoline  Yellow WS
47005 E104
Sunset Yellow FCF
15985 E110
Allura Red
16035 E129
Ponceau 4R
16255 E124
14720 E122
45430 E127
16185 E123
Brown HT
20285 E155
Brilliant Blue FCF
42090 E133
Patent Blue V
42051 E131
Indigo Carmine
73015 E132
Green S
44090 E142
Fast Green FCF
42053 -
Black PN
28440 E151

Food Colours Blends

Common Name Shade Colour Index No.
Egg Yellow
19140 + 15985
Kesari B
19140 + 15985
Apple Green
19140 + 42090
Pea Green
19140 + 42090
Raspberry Red
14720 + 15985
Strawberry Red
14720 + 16255
Chocolate Brown Y
14720 + 15985 + 19140 + 42090 + 42053
Chocolate Brown K1
15985 + 42090 + 14720 + 19140
Chocolate Brown FCF
15985 + 16255 + 42090
Black CTB
14720 + 19140 + 42090
Black NCTB
14720 + 19140 + 42090
Black 1011
15985 + 14720 + 42090

Aluminium Lake

These are water insoluble form of water – soluble colours used in food applications, producing brighter and more vivid colours.

Neelikon offers the complete range of aluminium lake colours made from primary food colours meeting appropriate food legislation namely that of USFDA, European Community, JECFA/CODEX, Japan or India.

Aluminium lakes are produced by the adsorption of water soluble dye onto a hydrated aluminium substrate rendering the colour insoluble in water. The end product is coloured either by dispersion of the lake into the product or by coating on to the surface of the product.

In general lakes are more stable than the corresponding water-soluble colours, producing brighter more vivid colours and are most suitable for products containing oils and fats, or products lacking sufficient moisture to dissolve Colours.

Product Name Shade C.I. No. EC No.
Quinoline Yellow Lake
47005:1 E104
Tartrazine Lake
19140:1 E102
Sunset Yellow FCF Lake
15985:1 E110
Ponceau 4R Lake
16255:1 E124
Carmoisine Lake
14720:1 E122
Amaranth Lake
16185:1 E123
Allura Red Lake
16035:1 E129
Erythrosine Lake
45430:1 E127
Patent Blue V Lake
42051:1 E131
Brilliant Blue FCF Lake
42090:2 E133
Indigo Carmine Lake
73015:1 E132
Black PN Lake
28440:1 E151
Brown HT Lake
20285:1 E155

Neelicert US FDA Certified Colours

This is the range of US FDA certified FD & C Colours & lakes for food application meeting specifications as per US FDA – CFR Title 21.

US FDA Certified Water Soluble Food Colours

Common Name Shade Colour  Index No.
FD&C Yellow No. 5
FD&C Yellow No. 6
FD&C Blue No. 1
FD&C Blue No. 2
FD&C Red No. 3
FD&C Red No. 40
FD&C Green No. 3

US FDA Grade Inorganic Pigments

Common Name Shade Colour  Index No.
Red Iron Oxide
Yellow Iron Oxide
Black Iron Oxide
Titanium Dioxide

US FDA Certified Food Grade Lake Colours

Common Name Shade Colour  Index No.
FD&C Yellow 5 Lake
FD&C Yellow 6 Lake
FD&C Blue 1 Lake
FD&C Blue 2 Lake
FD&C Red 40 Lake

Water soluble Colours for food application in dust less form

This is the range of water soluble Colours for food application available in dust less form. Products meet appropriate food legislation as applicable, namely that of European Community, JECFA/CODEX, Japan or India.

Advantages to use Neeligrans are

  • 1] No dusting property results in improved working condition which keeps plant environment & machinery clean.
  • 2] Reduce dusting at the time of use which helps to reduce powder loss on account of dusting.
  • 3] Dissolve faster than powders.

Food Colours as per European Commission

Common Name Shade Colour Index No. E.C.No.
Tartrazine Granular
19140 E102
Quinoline Yellow WS Granular
47005 E104
Sunset Yellow FCF Granular
15985 E110
Carmoisine Granular
14720 E122
Amaranth Granular
16185 E123
Ponceau 4R Granular
16255 E124
Allura Red Granular
16035 E129
Brown HT Granular
20285 E155
Brilliant Blue FCF Granular
42090 E133
Patent Blue V Granular
42051 E131
Indigo Carmine Granular
73015 E132
Black PN Granular
28440 E151

US FDA Certified Granular Food colours

Common Name Shade Colour  Index No.
FD&C Yellow 5 Granular
FD&C Yellow 6 Granular
FD&C Blue 1 Granular
FD&C Blue 2 Granular
FD&C Red 40 Granular

This is an indicative range of Synthetic food colours & does not capture our full product range. If you do not find your suitable colour above, we encourage you to please write to us for a detailed technical product shade card, at Neelikon also offers customized blends which are not shown in above list.


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